About Us

Packtodo has undergone a significant transformation; from being offline and limited to the US, customers can now access our products anywhere at any time through our website. This transition has been immensely successful, resulting in significant growth and satisfaction for us.

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Custom Packaging Supply Company

Our History

Founded in 1988 in Los Angeles by Carson Nelson, Packtodo is a widely recognized custom packaging supply company. Starting as a small factory, it rapidly expanded over the years to its current large facility in Los Angeles. In 2009, Evan Nelson, son of Carson Nelson, took the reins and dedicated himself to making Packtodo a top player in the custom packaging industry.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Packtodo launched an online platform in September 2023 under Evan's leadership, providing 24/7 access to their products and services for customers worldwide while adhering to safety protocols on site.

Having grown and evolved since its inception, Packtodo is now a 34-year-old industry leader in custom packaging solutions. With a wide range of quality products and services, Packtodo prides itself on delivering dynamic and personalized packaging experiences for any industry, business, or individual.

Our Mission

Packtodo aims to provide complete customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality packaging and printing solutions. To accomplish this, we are committed to cultivating an eco-friendly business setting developing custom-made products and services that are both cost-efficient and long-lasting. We are dedicated to offering quality-driven results through the innovation of pioneering in the printing and packaging industries, giving us an edge over our competitors and providing customers with an unparalleled combination of value and quality.

Our Team

At Packtodo, we are a family that works together to provide our customers with excellent service and quality products. Our dedicated team comprises 70+ people, with 50+ in the factory and 20+ in the office. Our staff are dedicated to giving our customers the highest satisfaction and quality assurance to maintain our excellent reputation.

Our top players are central to our team.



Production Manager

Linda is an invaluable asset who excels in production management, customer satisfaction, and meeting deadlines. Her industry expertise helps her to be strategic and detail-oriented when working on projects. She has an impressive track record of completing complex tasks. Laura is highly motivated to succeed, and her exemplary organizational abilities, superior critical thinking skills, and problem-solving capacity make her an outstanding leader in custom packaging solutions.



Design Specialist

Nova is an essential team member, using her packaging design talents to create a compelling mix of creativity, attention to detail, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Her work is dependable and yields impressive outcomes.



Sales Director

Fred has been a part of our team for a long time and has consistently exhibited exemplary dedication to his role. Fred has earned clients' loyalty during his tenure by providing the best possible customer service and producing outstanding products. His diligence and precision have enabled him to establish long-term connections.

Our Customers

Packtodo has a large customer base, with an estimated 10,000 people and businesses using our services. Our customers have been overwhelmingly pleased with the results, giving us a customer satisfaction rate of 99%. If you want to find out what our customers think, you can visit our customer testimonials page to read their latest reviews.

Our Locations

Our company has a presence in Los Angeles with an office and a purpose-built custom packaging factory. At our office, we manage orders from start to finish, while in our factory, we craft and manufacture custom packaging products to meet our clients' needs and expectations. We often outsource production to trustworthy offshore locations to ensure that clients receive their orders within established deadlines and at competitive prices.